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Model: Harrington LB Series Lever Hoists

Standard Capacity: .75T

Available Capacity: .75T, 1T, 1.5T, 2T, 2.75T, 3T, 6T, 9T

Standard Lift: 5'

Available Lift: 5', 10', 15' or 20'

Suspension: Hook

Options: Load Limit Warning Handle, Top Hook Extender, Point Load Hook, Slip Clutch, Inspection Hook, Bullard and SmartLok Hooks


.75T is 11", 1T is 11.8", 1.5T is 13.2", 2T is 14.8', 2.75T is 14.8" 3T is 15.6", 6T is 21.3" 9Tis26.8"

Pull Force: .

.75T is 54 lbs., 1T is 72 lbs., 1.5T is 64 lbs., 2T is 59 lbs., 2.75T is 81 lbs., 3T is 69 lbs., 6T is 72 lbs.,  9T is 78 lbs.


The LB Series of lever hoists offers a low headroom, compact design that is perfect for use in tight
quarters. Regarded as the best lever hoist in the industry, our LB is recommended for use in heavy-duty construction work, mining, manufacturing, shipbuilding and day-to-day maintenance and repair.



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Harrington LB Series, Lever Hoist

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