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Model: FIRST MATE with Spur Gear Hand Winch (5PF5-M1)

Standard Capacity: 850 lbs.

Available Capacity: 850 lbs.

Finish: Powder Coat Finish

Available Finish/Material: Powder Coat Finish, Galvanized, 304 Stainless Steel,

316 Stainless Steel, Epoxy Gray Finish

Available Manual Winch (Sold Separately): W4022PB-K Spur Gear Hand Winch – Black Defender Coat, 4WM2-K Worm Gear Hand Winch – Powder Coat, 4WM2EGRA-K - Worm Gear Hand Winch – Epoxy Gray, M4042PBSS-K Spur Gear Hand Winch Only – Stainless Steel

Available Electric Winch (Sold Separately): 4WP2-K Electric Winch – 115/1/60 VAC – Enamel, 4WP2EGRA-K Electric Winch – 115/1/60 VAC– Epoxy Gray, 4777-K Electric Winch - 115/1/60 VAC – Enamel, 4777EGRA-K Electric Winch – 115/1/60 VAC -Epoxy Gray, 4777DC-K Electric Winch – 12 Volt DC – Enamel, 4777DCEGRA-K Electric Winch – 12 Volt DC – Epoxy Gray

Available Base (Sold Separately): Pedestal Base, Socket Base, Wall Mounted Base, or Wheelbase

Options: Base Extensions, Rotation Lock. Limit Switch Electric, Drill Drive Kit, Wire Rope Keeper, Headache Ball

Wire Rope assembly (Sold Separately): Galvanized or 307 Stainless Steel

Length Available: 28’, 36’, 45’, 60’, or 75’

Lightweight, economical, easy to carry and easy to use, the First Mate Davit Crane is perfect for a wide variety of simple jobs where adjustable reach is not required.


Give us a call at 800-773-7041

Thern First Mate W/Spur Gear Winch, Powder Coated

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