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Model: Little Mule Strap Hoist

Standard Capacity: .5T/1T

Available Capacity: .5t/1t, 3/4t/1.5t, 1t/2t,3t

Standard Lift:  9'/4.25' 

Available Lift: 9'/4.25', 14'/7', 11'/5.5', 5'

Suspension: Hook

Options: Standard Hook with Safty Latches, Hot stick Ring Hook with Safty Latches, Standard Hook with Swivel Gate Latches, Hot stick Ring Hook with Safty Latches, Standard Hook with Swivel Gate Latches

Headroom: .5t/1t is 21"/25", 3/4t/1.5t is 21"/25", 1t/2t is 20"/23", 3t is 27"


All lever strap hoist models are designed for lifting and pulling loads up to rated capacities listed on the hoist nameplate. Features include a winding wheel for taking up slack or freestripping of the strap and a handle tip designed to bend before any mechanical part of the hoist is subject to damaging overload. The handle may be inserted into the U-frame socket from either direction to facilitate use in confined areas or to allow the operator to pull against the load under unusual conditions. A double interlocking pawl system provides positive load control at all times. Hot-stick rings on levers and hooks increase safety and utility.



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Little Mule Strap Hoist

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