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Model: CM Series 602/603 Lever Hoists

Standard Capacity: 550 lbs.

Available Capacity: 550 lbs. or 1,100 lbs.

Standard Lift: 5'-0"

Available Lift: 5' or 10' 

Suspension: Hook

Options: Carrying Bag

Headroom: 550 lbs. is 9.45" or 1,100 lbs. is 11.125"

Pull Force: 550 lbs. are 56 lbs. and 1100 lbs. are 78 lbs.


Lightweight, portable, chain type lever operated puller. Increases a worker’s efficiency in pulling, lifting, lowering, moving and skidding objects in industrial maintenance, construction and utility company applications. Minimal effort is required to move tons. The short handle and short stroke are designed to operate in tight places. Excellent for stretching cable and fencing, positioning machinery and building components.



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CM Series 602/603 Lever Hoist

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