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Model: Harrington CX Mini Hand Chain Hoists

Standard Capacity: .25 Ton

Available Capacity: .25T, .5T, 1T 

Lift : 10'

Available Lift : 10' or 20'

Suspension: Hook

Headroom: .25T is 8.3", .5T is 10.2", 

Pull to Lift Load (lbs): .25 is 33, .5T is 42


Harrington’s CX mini hand chain hoist is the world’s smallest industrial hoist. This uniquely compact andlightweight hoist is the perfect choice for jobs with light loads in high or difficult to reach places such asduct installation, plumbing and heating, home automobile maintenance and crane repair.


Questions? Give us a call at 800-773-7041

Harrington CX Mini, Hand Chain Hoist

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